The Trinity Academy of Fine Arts

with Padma 


The Trinity Academy of Fine Arts was established in 1993 by my wife Padma and myself. Padma is a disciple of Sri.A.N.Srinivasan, Vairamangalam Sri. Lakshminarayanan and Semmangudi Sri. R. Srinivasa Iyer. The purpose of the school was to impart rigorous training in vocal music.

Over the past decade, we have had a total of over 35 students in the age group 6 to 50. At the time this is written, we have a total of about twenty students between the two of us.

Our approach has been one-on-one training tailor-made to suit the individual. Every individual has one’s own agenda in learning vocal music. For some it is a part of Indian culture. For some it is for their own pleasure and there are a few who want to be performers. Given this spectrum of needs, we have to modify the teaching methodology. While the basics have to be still adhered to, to lay a solid foundation, how the advanced lessons progress is to be determined on an individual basis. We also lay emphasis on lyrics, diction and ‘bhava-filled’ renditions.  

The environment here is not very conducive to listening as a daily routine but it becomes a mandate as the students progress. Training is also imparted on identifying characteristics that make one style different from another.

Some of our students have won prizes in music competitions conducted here. One of my students, Samir Rao, has started singing with me in my concerts.

Madurai R Sundar

Feb 5,2004

From concert at Hamsadwani on Dec 31,2003 with disciple Samir Rao